Electro Technical Engineer

Complete and reliable installation of AV, IT and Navigational electronics and electrical DC systems.
Activate the latest in home entertainment and comfort systems. Control it all from your device.
Global internet connectivity, Datacentre integration and collocation services.

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About the Process

Direct Communication

Communications is based on 4 elements.

  • 01

    be authentic, don’t pretend answers that are out of your league

  • 02

    Keep regular contact, and ensure Clarity and Concision.

  • 03

    Ensure what is said is heard, ensure the message and take the feedback!

  • 04

    Listen! take empathy and have respect, have you really heard what the client wants!

Clear Plan and execution

  • 01

    Create a clear and transparent plan, and ensure all stakeholders understand the requirements.

  • 02

    Schedule run by a calender, ensure that the schedule is maintained.

  • 03

    Every task must be defined. Keep the client in the complete picture, so that they know that the result they want, is the result they get.

  • 04

    Continues revision to ensure Quality and Budget is maintained. Create the feedback loop!

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    Technology evolves fast. Keep up! Study hard, be educated.

  • 02

    Price and Quality are prime factor to the client experience. Ensuring that the best is provided for every penny spent.

  • 03

    Share the knowledge to ensure that all involved only get better at what they do!

  • 04

    Explore new ideas, how does your field interact with that of others.

Get in Touch

I always love to hear from my customers. Feel free to call or write. If I’m not immediately available, you will hear from me within 24 hours.

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Where I work

Based in Barcelona, I am available to travel throughout Europe for individual tasks or complete projects.

Contact by phone

LocationCatalunya, Spain

Mobile(+34) 65 22 60 777

Contact by message

My Core Values

Be Educated, Be on the forefront

Knowing your topic is not only essential in ensuring quality and efficiency, but key to ensuring a task is well done.

Ensure Excellence, Be Detailed

Satisfaction is measured in a completed task on time and to the clients specifications. Excellence is measured in the extra mile taken to ensure the client calls you for the next job.

Honesty brings trust

Not all tasks go to plan, and not everyone is perfect in execution. Honesty is the only thing that will ensure that a client trusts you to continue in every aspect of the job in hand.

Enjoy your work, it creates Fun

When one goes to work with a smile on their face, the results will not only be pleasing to oneself, but ensure that a job is done in the best spirit possible. This is only possible if a the whole team works together in a joyable fun atmosphere.