We help you in making the right decisions Audio & Video
IT Networking
Automation controls
Creating the experience that the user wants Making sure the technology does what the brochure said it would!
Be ahead of the game, ensure you know the trouble spots before they become a major headache KNOW WHERE YOUR HEAT IS COMING FROM
Wifi Surveying
Ensure coverage
Reduce interferance
Mobile LTE (5G/4G) connection
Secure VPN connections
Reliable Internet connection
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We help you be connected at Sea on Land Working Remotely on the Road Broadcasting Live

What We Do

AV & IT ETO remote support IT entertainment systems vigilance
Technical Design Services WiFi audit and validation IT troubleshooting specialists Mobile data connectivity

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REMOTE SUPPORT & able to travel
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Who we are

AV & IT specialists Wifi, VSAT and cellular RF engineers certified technicians End user experience fenatics

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