Site survey procedure

  1. Set scale (on survey tool)
  2. Scan only required channels
  3. Set guest range (distance in m) (Signal propegation)
  4. Set autosnap range correctly to your survey pace
  5. Survey both sides of objects/walls. Around perimeters.
  6. Click accurately, be precise.
  7. Always do a passive survey.

In an active survey ensure you do:

(Remember that active survey only surveys a single AP at a time)

  1. If you went clockwise and next path go anti-clockwise.
  2. Go to the edge of the cell (find where the reception is weak!)
  3. Ensure you discover where cci occurs!
  4. Merge active surveys first before merging with pasive surveys.

5 notes (needs to do & consider)

  1. Wifi design
  2. At what height
  3. Roaming between APs
  4. Resiliency (backup) AP loss
  5. Guest network

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