Wi-Fi is great when it works right – and when it’s secure. Although setting up Wi-Fi can seem straightforward, there are many complexities. For example building contruction and temporary large furniture create unwanted barriers to RF signals. metal surroundings only complicate the travel path of Wifi, and cross-channel interference between wifi networks from adjacent sites.

With only a little analysis and planning many problems can be mitigated and eliminated ensuring you have the connection and the speed that you have actually contracted!


Types of Surveys

  • Need to design the Wifi network?
  • Need to ensure 100% coverage?
  • Ensure the right signal gets to the right places?

A pre-installation site survey will identify the correct number of access points (APs) needed and the optimum AP locations to provide the coverage and performance you need.

Calculation will include provision for wall thickness and construction materials, as well as any furniture placed which may cause interferences.

What We Survey

  • Private Luxury Homes
  • Superyachts
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Public Venues
  • Schools & Campuses
  • Plants, Factories, Warehouses
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    The Report

    The report you receive will Show precise coverage details by way of

  • Clear floorplan Heatmap of Wifi coverage, including Signal strength, Noise and SNR, as well as co-channel interference.
  • Detail of located AP, existong and proposed
  • Photos of installation, with clear trouble points indicated (if any)
  • adjacent RF interference from other devices
  • Spectrum analysis diagram

  • The report will create a clear baseline from where future modification and/or issues can be referenced. Follow-up studies will be clearly linked, to indicate changes, degredation and technology enhancements.