Updated KerioControl Gateways

GFI Software, the company behind the KerioControl Gateway has recently released an upgraded version of its hardware that runs the KerioControl Software.

Most of us are familiar with the NG300 and the NG500, the red box installed on many of our networks to protect us from the internet intrusions, but more importantly to control our out flowing internet traffic, managing who get what bandwidth on what internet link we have available (be it VSAT, LTE, Wi-Fi or landline).

All the models have had a renewal of their Hardware, with the new models being the NG310 and the NG510. There is now also a model with more Ethernet ports on it, the NG511.

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So what’s new?

Well the key differences is that all models now have

  • Increased memory resulting in increased performance

The amount of memory on the NG110/ NG310 has been doubled from their respective legacy models (now it’s 8 GB DDR3 RAM Memory) and on the NG510/ NG511 it has increased four-fold compared to the previous model – NG500 (now it’s 16 GB DDR4 RAM Memory).

  • Display information for NG510/ NG511

The NG510/ NG511 models now come with a small display, showing key information directly on the front face of the appliance.

  • NG511 has additional Ethernet ports compared to NG510

And for those who always feel they have run short of Ethernet ports, the NG511 version now has 14 x GbE RJ45 instead of 6 x GbE RJ45 on the NG510. Other than that, the NG510 and the NG511 are identical.

  • And the NG310 has had the Wi-Fi module removed

The onboard Wi-Fi on the NG300 never came to its full potential, and to ensure better reliability this module was removed. This ensures that Wi-Fi functions are performed by business grade Wi-Fi controllers and no confusion is seen on the KerioControl interface.

The new Kerio Hardware Appliance models will replace the existing ones. The existing models will have the following support expiration dates:

What’s the difference again between NG310 and NG510?

The NG310 is designed for small business and remote workers, whilst the NG510 is more for the central mid-sized business. WHat does that mean, well in our scope it means the NG510 is built to handle higher firewall bandwidth throughput, more simultaneous users, and higher processor performance that affects ability to control multiple WAN connections better.

The NG310 specs are, Intel Atom® Processor C3558, 8GB DDR4 RAM Memory, 900 Mbps Firewall Throughput, 2 SFE ports and 6 Ethernet ports.

The NG510 specs are, Intel® Core™ i5-7500 Processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM Memory, 6 Ethernet ports in a 1U Rack mount unit Chassis.

The software running on these machines remains the same as on the current models (NG300 and NG500). The current version is 9.3.5

And finally GFI has stated that the

1) End of Sale (of the NG300 and NG500) is – until stocks run out
2) End of Life – (i.e. end of support) is – December 31, 2023

The product webpage you can find here

And of course, any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact me!